BLUE TIME ZONE, exposició a Guangzhou (Xina)

BLUE TIME ZONE, a la  Kuy Yuan Gallery de Guangzhou (Xina).

Kui Yuan Gallery (Guangzhou, Xina).

“Time filters unwanted sound and makes people longing for purity and calm. A colour that is above all things and yet flows in the blood appears naturally in the works of Nuria Rossell, Rosa Solano and Yang Shun, three artists who all live in Barcelona.
Blue has always been considerer as the most noble colour. It does not exist in any substance in the nature. Its is hard to capture, yet longing for by many. The three artists come from different blackground and have different interpretation towards the colour blue. However, from their works of arts we find refinement, certainty and detachment, we also find a sense of consensus among them. The three different interpretations break the boundaries of time and border, and make thios colour deeper and wider, sweeping dust in people’s hearts and guiding viewers to a journey in the endless world.
The use of brush and emotion of the three artists changes and intervenes with each other, creating a sense of relevance. This kind of dialogue and reaction enable art works of different forms to touch our souls.”  (Kelvin Huang, curator)

Inauguració de l’exposició Blue Time Zone a la Kui Yuan Gallery (Guangzhou, Xina).

L’edifici on hi ha la galeria Kui Yuan Gallery és patrimoni cultural de la ciutat de Guangzhou (Xina).

Preparant la instal·lació de còdols gravats.

Instal·lació de còdols gravats, a punt per al muntatge.

Instal·lació de còdols gravats a la Kui Yuan Gallery (Guangzhou, Xina).

Una de les sales de la galeria.

Una altra de les sales d’exposició de la Kui Yuan Gallery (Guangzhou, Xina).

Visita d’estudiants a l’exposició Blue Time Zone, a la Kui Yuan Gallery (Guangzhou, Xina).